When Cell Phone Analysis Is Key To Your Investigation

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The most advanced mobile cell phone analytical forensic software available! D.A.R.T. (Digital Analyst Reporting Tool) fills the gap that other tools leave. Using D.A.R.T. Software, you can easily import multiple cell phone reports from any cell phone extraction tool and arrange them into ONE CASE! Using D.A.R.T., thousands of pages of data can be quickly transformed into intelligence that you use to prove your case! There are many high-powered cellphone extraction tools available that are great at what they do, extracting the data. Once you have the data what do you do with it? By using the advanced analytical tools built into D.A.R.T., you will be able to analyze thousands of pages of data and quickly turn it into intelligence you can use to apprehend your suspect.

Data Extraction AND Analysis

By combining the impressive analysis of DART with the powerful extraction ability of Oxygen, we have created the most COMPLETE Cell Phone Solution Tool EVER!

Extractor Features

– Support for over 7,700 phones, including Chinese Devices – Android, Apple, Blackberry, Symbian, Windows 8, Windows 5/6, Chinese (MTK) – Seamless importing into DART for full analytics and reporting

D.A.R.T. Gets the Evidence

D.A.R.T. fills in where the other tools lack, analytics.  Using the D.A.R.T. Software you can import multiple cellphone reports from your favorite cellphone extraction tools and put them into ONE CASE!

You Get the Suspect!

By using the advanced analytics tools built into D.A.R.T. You will be able to quickly analyze thousands of pages of data and turn it into evidence/intelligence you can use.  

"Using DART, thousands of pages of data can be quickly transformed to evidence/intelligence that you use to prove your case"

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D.A.R.T. includes a full mapping suite. The mapping suite allows for the full implementation of Call Detail Record (CDR) analysis. Plot and track phone calls picture meta data and other coordinate based evidence items. DARTs mapping tool is simply the most robust CDR tool on the market today.

Import Cell Phone Reports

D.A.R.T. works with all major cellphone extraction platforms. DART has the unique ability to import data from XML. If the tool you have produces XML which almost all forensic software suites do then you can import the data into DART. DART is truly a universal tool.

Link Analysis

D.A.R.T. provides the investigator the ability to conduct full link analysis of the data imported. This unique ability has been copied by many. DART approaches link analysis from an investigators standpoint instead of a technician. You will quickly see the difference when using the DART tool to answer your questions.

Track Money Transfers

Special Search Filters track money transfers

SIM Card Extraction Utility

rip the SIM card for details not found on other containers

GEO Plotting

GEO Plotting and coordinate tracking tools

Multiple Report Validation

D.A.R.T. will allow for the validation of multiple reports at one time. This feature is a great time saver to investigators that are required to validate case reports to ensure they are collecting the data correctly.

Timeline Analysis

D.A.R.T. provides a robust capability to research cases using timeline analysis. Put the device at the scene at the time of the crime. Nothing helps a jury more than being able to see the timelines merge into a criminal nexus.

Watchlist Manager

D.A.R.T. provides the ability for the organization to Create, Add, Edit or Delete watchlists or suspect flags. In today's world the use of watchlists among task force members or organizations can be a huge time saver to the investigator. DART will flag entries from the watchlist to help immediately identify those objects of interest to the investigation.

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Affordable Pricing that Fits your Budget

D.A.R.T. was designed for the investigator. We want to get the program into your hands. To do this DART has been economically and competitively priced to ensure that you get the best Return On Investment.   GET A QUOTE TODAY !


$ 1699 / 1 Year License

  • Dongle Licence


$ / 599

  • Software Update
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Frequently Asked Pre-Sale Questions

Our support staff is ready to answer your questions. Here are some of the most common questions asked and answered for you.

Our tech support is 24/7 and there are no limits and can be accessed through our product website’s support Forum.
We of course, recommend that each investigator using D.A.R.T. be properly trained to use it.

The license is a perpetual license and as such will not stop working. There is a year of SMS included with the initial purchase of MapLink. The SMS is to provide you with the software updates, bug fixes and Upgrades. The cost to renew your SMS is $499 annually.

Yes there is. It’s based on how many licenses are purchased at one time.

We can also put multiple licenses onto a single dongle which can then be inserted into a network server where multiple investigators can have access to the software. The limit of course would be that once the last license has been accessed the next investigator would have to wait one of the active licenses were logged out.

The license is dongle based. Meaning it resides on a USB security Key. So you can load the software on as many machines as you wish and where the Dongle goes so does the license. Which means you can have investigators sharing dongles, but obviously, they can only use it one at a time.

The D.A.R.T. Trial version software is a fully functional trail. The only limitation is that it will die after 21 days from the day you download it.